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Touch for  Health Kinesiology -
Studies show that people looking to improve their fitness and improve their health achieve significantly greater results when using muscle response bio-feedback  such as Kinesiology.  An effective therapist  can guide you, motivate you, and educate you based on your own body's responses.
Kitt has utilized  Kinesiology  methods since 1996.  During a Kinesiology  Balance Session,  muscle response bio-feedback  is used to create a personal  chart for your body showing imbalances in your system.  Kitt  then uses the information provided by your own body that is specific to your individual needs, to choose & perform the necessary  procedures  to restore balance and energy flow to your whole being. This often includes specific movements, nutrition, homeopathics, bodywork, creating a new mindset, intention or perspective.  Kitt will do a before and after assessment that clearly shows you the change that has taken place in your system, from the beginning of the  1.5 hr. session to the completion.. You will see & feel the difference! Click on Testimonial Page for More..

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