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Kitt's Integrative Therapy  has expanded to include Boutique Clothing, Jewelry, Gifts

as well as the Food Supplements, Herbs, Wellness Tools & Books!

We have relocated  to 13 Tennessee St. Murphy, NC.  approximately 1 block down the street from our prior location.

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Kitt's Boutique & Integrative Therapy

Kitt Paige NCMBT



Kitt Paige is a much respected Natural Health Practitioner and Learning disability Consultant /Instructor.  She has helped thousands of people of all age ranges  improve their health, life,  relationships, business  and  academic skills.  
She began her career in Natural healing in 1987, working in a chiropractic clinic offering kinesiology,  nutritional counseling and massage therapy.    Kitt opened her private practice in 1993  and moved the practice from Pensacola, Fl.  to Cherokee Co.,  North Carolina  in  1999.  The current location serves Murphy, Andrews, Robbinsville, NC as well as N.W. Georgia & East Tn.
Studies & training include:  Emotional Freedom Technique, Movement Dynamics, Integrating Infant Reflexes,     Food as Medicine,    Crisis Counseling,
Conscious Language, Yoga, Tai Chi & Qi Qong

Kitt is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Therapy  NCMBT#1602
Brain Gym Instructor/Educational Kinesiology Consultant
Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner
Certified Master Instructor/ Therapist  -  Integrative Energy Therapy 
Certified  Healing  QiQong Instructor,    Certified Food Healing Expert

Kitt utilizes muscle bio feedback techniques to determine nutritional needs, and or  imbalance in the body systems .  She then restores balance to the system utilizing natural holistic correction modalities  specific to each individual.   Food Healing Protocols offered are documented to reverse most diseases! Using only natural foods from your grocer or garden & mushroom extracts!
You are Unique !              You deserve care tailored to your specific needs!

         Kitt will help you:
         Select clothing, jewelry & accessories that complements your individuality !

    Relieve stress, pain and discomfort
    Create goals & Accomplish them
    Learn better eating habits
    Enhance learning ability, comprehension, concentration
    Improve endurance
    Increase motivation
    Improve your appearance
    Feel better
    Improve your relationships
    Increase memory & alertness
    Improve coordination & dexterity
    Learn techniques to improve health, flexibility, mental clarity
    Restore Balance to your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual  being

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