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Client Testimonials

. I have been seeing Kitt for several years. She is my "go to" health care provider. Her knowledge of the human body and all of its complicated systems is mind boggling. I tell her where it hurts and she fixes it. She will go to the exact spot that is causing the pain. She is leaps and bounds more than a massage therapist. She does have magic fingers that will remove the pain - but it is her knowledge of the whole person that is the real magic. She is the BEST - EVER! Her kindness and her incredible positive energy are healing agents for me.

Toni Bahn

Kitt has an intuitive knowing of what my body needs to heal, her knowledge of the human system & how it works is amazing. She goes right to the cause of the pain or problem & knows what to do to relieve it. I always feel like a new woman after a session with her.- Thanks, Kitt

Joyce W.

I feel better now at 50 than I did when I was 25, using your services and following your advice was the best decision I ever made.

Bob S.

Several years ago I scheduled a "simple massage" with Kitt. Before she ever laid hands on me, I could feel the power of her spirit and giftedness. Little did I know that over the years I would be helped through some difficult old pains of the heart as well as my body. I know I am stronger and happier because I gift myself with regular time to be in the company of this talented therapist. Kitt designs each session to meet my particular needs, whether it is post-surgery, stress reduction, or recurring muscular-skeletal issues. My comfort and privacy are always protected. Kitt is a kind and powerful wisp of a woman. You won't believe the strength in her hands! You will be blessed by letting her minister to you.

Penny M.

It was my good fortune to find Kitt about seven years ago I have had a standing appointment ever since. Being recently retired, I relocated to this area in 2003. During my working years, I had a therapeutic massage weekly and had many therapists over the years. Kitt is by far the very best and with her higher knowledge of the many paths of Holistic Healing, I feel blessed each time I have a treatment. Call Kitt and get your blessing.

Bill Small

Kitt started working with our daughter Emma at age 3, ((using Brain Gym,)) after she had the right side of her brain removed due to seizures from a birth defect at age 15 months. Emma has left side weakness and it is amazing how her left side weakness has improved along with her balance and speech. she loves to go and PLAY w/ Miss Kitt. Thanks Kitt for making a long lasting difference in Emma's life. She can't wait to come and see you.

Kim J.